Caviar in Rome

The eye admires the perfection of shapes, saturation and depth of color of each egg. No sharp aromas, only gentle notes of a delicate delicacy. Each egg is a characteristic size. 
Making one of the most desirable delicacies in the world requires full dedication, patience, meticulousness to the smallest detail. Fine and delicate work is extremely important to preserve  the hardness of the texture and the integrity of the egg.
When you taste it, you feel the lightness of the shell, weightlessness and tenderness.
Close your eyes and feel the silky nutty aftertaste…

The premium product embodies perfection.







Just as the quality of good wine begins with the vine, so the quality of caviar begins with the health of fish and it’s growing conditions.
Therefore, for the production of our caviar we use only selected sturgeon grown on a farm with conditions as close as possible to natural.
A team of biologists monitors the balance of nutrients at each stage of fish growth.
Caviar is extracted by slaughter. Salting takes place exclusively in a laboratory that meets international standards.

The tradition of the best traditions of sturgeon breeding and caviar salting with the latest technologies guarantees unsurpassed quality of caviar!